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I'm a country girl living in London, a yoga teacher, and marketing pro who loves showing entrepreneurs how to grow their business. I live with my husband and two cats, and spend my life in yoga leggings.

I feel a little shy sharing my life story here, but I also really enjoy knowing other peoples journey so here goes..


The early years...

I grew up in a small village in middle England with my parents, two sisters and a lot of animals. Life was spent in welly boots with no concept of fashion and eating delicious food cooked up by my mother (not that we appreciated it as children). One of my favourite childhood hobbies was to open an art gallery at home. This involved selling mixture of my own drawings and taking pictures from around the house, which my poor parents would have to buy back, so with that entrepreneurial spirit, perhaps it wasn't surprising that one day I would open my own business.

My first introduction to yoga was at primary school when worried that we were stressed before exams, the headmistress had our class lie down in the hall for meditation. As a child I giggled at the idea of meditating but was enthusiastic to be lying snug under a blanket as our teacher told us a relaxing story rather than in a lesson. I had know idea how progressive that was at the time or the seed she had planted.

Fast forward several years, and after completing a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, I got my first post Uni job working in newspaper publishing creating reports for The Times and Sunday Times. From here I worked at various marketing and advertising agencies where my clients included L'Oreal, Diageo, EDF energy, Exxon, Babybel and Rachel's Organics. I loved the buzz of being part of an agency, but after a few years, I craved learning more about the overall business I was working on and the full marketing mix, so I made the move to in house marketing starting as a brand manager and working my way up to Head of Marketing.

Burn-Out and Yoga
After a number of years working in the crazy world of start-ups, I found myself suffering from exhaustion and with regular migraines. I was diagnosed with a mixture of anxiety and glandular fever, something that I had had at University. I decided to take a break.

I had dipped in and out of yoga for years, but as part of my recovery, I started going consistently, several times a week and found that the more I did it, the more it calmed and energized me. I continued with yoga as hobby whilst I built my marketing consultancy business.

I had wanted to do yoga teacher training for 12 months when a golden opportunity finally presented itself. I had a client cancel, leaving me with a client for only 2 days of a month that I could work on at any point. I found a one month intensive yoga course starting in 3 days time, spoke to my lovely client to check they were ok with it and jumped at the opportunity.

Being multi-passionate
I first heard the term 'scanner' coined by Barbra Sher a few years ago and it immediately rang true. A scanner personality is someone with many different interests who wants to pursue them all. The problem? We're conditioned in today's world to follow one thing, one career. I knew I was a scanner straight away, but it took me a few years to work out how to make it work for me.

I now do a combination of teaching yoga, running online marketing courses and working as a marketing consultant. This varied mix keeps me energized and interested in everything that I do.

some of the things I love











That feeling when you've had a REALLY good nights sleep.

Sunshine. I'm British and we don't get enough of it, It makes the world a brighter, better place.

Cashmere. The softest, warmest jumpers that last for years (I'm always cold).

Cooking with my hubby at the weekend with a nice glass of wine and some music playing

Spontaneous plans. Last minute trips or plans with friends, they always feel exciting!

My amazing family who are totally bonkers and insist on having a BBQ whatever the weather. 

A good country walk with dogs followed by tea and cake. Lots of cake.

My two cats Hoogli and Mufassa who keep me company at home (and my wonderful husband)

Visiting somewhere new on holiday and falling in love with the place

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