8 reasons I love Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling tool that helps save you time and work on autopilot. Whilst it is primarily a scheduling tool, it has a lot of other features that make it head and shoulders above the other options on the market. So here are 8 reasons why I love it and use it to schedule my pins.

1. It is Pinterest approved

Tailwind is a Pinterest approved partner. This means that Pinterest has checked how they operate it and approved it, so you know you aren’t going to be penalised or get algorithm penalties for using it.

2. It allows me to be consistent

Pinterest themselves say that you need to pin consistently in order to reach a wider audience. Tailwind allows me to schedule everything in advance so that I pin consistently without having to consistently be on Pinterest every second of the day.

3. It saves me a ton of time

Tailwind has a handy to use web browser plugin which makes pinning loads of pins in one go quick and painless. It means I can schedule a month’s worth of content in a matter of minutes, hoorah for that.

4. The tribe’s feature

Tribes are like modern-day group boards. You can join a tribe with like-minded pinners and pin each other’s content to grow your reach. You can power-up on tailwind to join more tribes.

5. Re-scheduling popular content

I can loop my most popular content so that it re-pins automatically. I can choose how frequently to re-pin these pins and to which boards. I can even set rules about how often I pin to group boards.

6. Analytics

Tailwind has easy to filter analytics which helps me see which of my pins are performing the best, which tribes are generating me most shares and which pins are most successful within the different tribes. It also shows me my weekly growth in a quick dashboard snapshot.

7. Instagram

Tailwind also links with your Instagram so you can also schedule this from the same place.

8. Growth

Last but by no means least…my Pinterest views and traffic have soared since I started using tailwind. You can see from the graph below the impact that it has had.

If you’ve yet to try to Tailwind, make sure you sign up to a free trial. Make sure you check out my tips on using Pinterest to drive traffic.

*This article includes an affiliate link to Tailwind. This is because this is a service I use and recommend. Affiliate links mean that if you purchase a product, I earn a small commission at no cost to you.


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