How I went from 7,500 to over 110,000 Pinterest impressions and tripled my website traffic in 4 months

Going from 7,500 impressions to over 110,000 is an increase of over FOURTEEN times! It’s no wonder that my website traffic also tripled during that time – all in the short space of 4 months.

So, what did I do to cause this increase? I’m sharing my top five things that made a real difference.

1. I changed my pinning strategy

I changed my strategy from pinning when I found pins that were of interest to me to pinning consistently every day. I used Tailwind as a scheduling tool to do this and started looping my most popular pins to re-pin on their own.

2. I increased my pin quality

I made my pins look more professional and more aspirations using canva to design them and ensure that I had a consistent brand look and feel. By improving the look of my pins, I got more re-pins. You can download my free pin checklist to help with this.

3. I joined Tribes and Group boards

Without question, one of the things that helped my growth most was joining Tribes on Tailwind and Group boards to help boost my presence. More information on finding the right group board here.

4. I analysed what content was working best

I experimented with different pins and article types and then looked at which of my pins were getting the most engagement and created more of these. I also used Tailwind tribes insight feature to look at what content was performing best within my tribes and used this as inspiration for what might work well for me.

5. I created more than one pin for each post or download

For every post or download, I created a minimum of 3 pins with a different design or slightly different title. One of the biggest mistakes many bloggers or entrepreneurs make is to spend hours creating great content, and not enough time promoting it.

If you’re looking for more ways you can grow your website traffic, check out this article.


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