12 free stock photography sites

We all know that beautiful photos can make a huge difference to a website, but if you aren’t a natural with the camera and you can’t afford to pay for photography, what are your options?

Well firstly and most importantly, you can’t just take photographs from Google. You need permission to use a photograph and if you just take other people’s photographs off the internet, you are at risk of being sued.

Luckily, there is a solution. Awesome stock photography sites where photographers kindly give up some of their images for people to use for free.

Before I jump into my favourite sites, I want to add a quick note about licenses. You need to check what each site or photographer says about licensing. Some will allow you to use the photo on a website but not a product, some limit print runs, and some don’t allow you to edit the photo or require you to credit the photographer – just have a quick read to make sure you are playing by the rules and don’t get caught out before you use them.

My favourite free or affordable stock photography sites are as follows:

Unsplash – beautiful photographs shared from photographers. You can save your photos in a collection so that you don’t have to search each time.

Pexels – similar to unsplash, great quality of photos.

Stocksnap– a collection of free to use photos but also includes some sponsored Shutterstock ones you need to pay for. It shows you how many have been downloaded by others, so you know popularity.

Canva – as well as great design services, this offers a mix of free photography and very affordable ones you can purchase.

Reshot – free to use for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Newoldstock – old photos available for public use. Great for finding vintage pictures.

Styledstock – a small collection of free photographers but great for feminine bloggers

Lifeofpix – beautiful free stock photos but also linked with adobe so will also show purchasable photos too.

Negative space – stunning images on a wide range of categories. They say they vet every photo first to ensure they have the license.

Travel coffee book – travel specific photography, free to use and edit.

Foodies feed – as it sounds, beautiful pictures of food. Great for food bloggers but likely to make you peckish! My head photo is from here.

Death to stock photography – free trial and then an affordable monthly fee.

Are there any free photography sites you love? I’d love to hear them!


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