Getting started with Pinterest for your business – 5 essential steps

Pinterest can be a fantastic driver of traffic and clients for your business, but before you begin using it to drive traffic, make sure you do the following 5 key steps.

1. Set up a Business Account

Setting up a Pinterest business account is free, and it links your website to your Pinterest account. This then gives you access to Pinterest analytics so that you can see how many people you are reaching and which pins are performing best.

Go to

2. Set up Rich Pins

Rich Pins mean that when you pin something from your website, Pinterest will pull through additional information onto that pin which helps the user. For instance, if it is a product pin it will pull through the latest pricing, if it is an article it will pull through some of the text and if it is a recipe it will pull through the ingredients.

How to install rich pins on wordpress

Once you have created your business account, you also want to claim your website.

3. Update your profile

Make sure your profile clearly states what it is you offer your clients and include a call to action such as a link to your website or a free download. Make sure your image is either a photo of yourself or your logo clearly displayed, and that the cover background shows images of your pins.

You can check out my Pinterest profile here.

4. Do a Spring Clean

If you’ve been using Pinterest personally before you started using it for business you’ve likely got lots of boards that are not relevant for your ideal client or for promoting your business. If you want to keep these boards mark them as secret or if you no longer want them, delete or archive them.

5. Get creating boards

Create some new boards that are relevant for your business (you want around 15 boards to start). You want to pick topics that will showcase your products or services, or act as supporters to these and where possible to include keywords in both your board names and descriptions. Make sure that the first board on your profile is a board where you will only pin your own content, so a brand board.

Once you’ve done these steps, you’re ready to start using Pinterest to generate traffic. Check out my blog on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic or my blog on top traffic sources.


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