10 free ways to increase website traffic

You’ve got an awesome product or service, you’ve built a beautiful website that will convert, but how on earth do you get more traffic to your website? And how do you do it without spending a dime? Getting free website traffic can seem like trying to a find a unicorn, but don’t worry, below are some tried and tested methods that are sure to increase your website traffic, without costing you anything.

1. Use Pinterest

This is one of my biggest drivers of referral traffic above Facebook or other social media sites, and it is all FREE! For a long time, I thought that Pinterest was just for recipes or interiors, but then I discovered that Pinterest is in fact a visual search engine rather than just another social media site. that covers everything from marketing or saving tips through to gym routines, I’ve found it is a fantastic source of traffic across different industries.

For more details on using Pinterest to drive traffic, read why your business need Pinterest and getting started with Pinterest to drive traffic.

2. Get social

Are you sharing your content across your social media sites? Make sure that all your social media sites have bios which clearly show the service or product you offer, and that you are sharing new launches or content with your network. If you aren’t even telling your friends and family about what you do, what are the chances that strangers are going to find you? So, start sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest. There are lots of scheduling tools out there which can make this less time consuming.

One of the keys to being social is to engage. Remember not just to shout about your products but to reply to comments and to engage with others in your network when they share content. Engaging is one of the fastest ways to build a community (just like in real life!)

Whilst I advocate sharing on social media, I personally do not think it is necessary to be on all social media channels. I think it is better to pick a few and to do these well, than to do all of them badly. Think about where your clients are and which channels you enjoy being on so will put more effort into.

3. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is key for generating long-term free traffic to your website. SEO is essentially maximising your opportunity to appear near the top of google. It takes time, dedication and patience, but if you are in it for the long-term, the sooner you start with a strong SEO strategy, the better.

Make sure that you have researched your keywords and are targeting long-tail keywords as well as short. An example of a short keyword phrase is “Lose weight”. An example of a long-tail keyword phrase would be “How to lose weight in less than 2 months for a holiday”. The second example will have fewer people searching for it but will drive highly relevant traffic and will be a less competitive term to rank for.

Focus on evergreen topics that will stay relevant rather than hot trends.

Once you have chosen your keyword phrase for a post, you want to make sure you have optimized your content for this. Make sure you have the right H1 and H2 tags in place, that you have included internal linking, that you’ve named any images correctly and with alt tags, and that you’ve included a compelling meta-description.

4. Outreach, guest posting, answering questions or commenting.

Increasing the audience that see you and know about you is key to increasing your traffic.

  • Reach out to large organisations such as the Huffington post, Entrepreneur or Medium who share bloggers posts and see if you can get some of your content published. Companies such as these provide guidelines on what they look for as content so make sure you look at these before submitting.
  • Offer to guest post for other people in a similar field to you who might be looking for free, additional content. This puts you in front of their audience for free. Try to get a backlink at the same time as backlinks tell google that other people see your content as valuable and are linking to you to helps you rank well.
  • Consider having someone guest post on your site. This creates content for you and your guest, will share the content with their network exposing you to more people. Make sure you are happy with the quality of their work and that you have checked out their potential network reach first.
  • Answer questions that people have on your topic on Quora. This is a fast way to establish yourself as an expert in the field.
  • Comment on other people’s articles or blogs, they might then check you out in return.

5. Add share buttons to your site

Make it easy for your current website readers to share your content across their social network platforms or on email. If they share your content, you will get more traffic from their network.

6. Write compelling, click-worthy headlines

Remember, your content is competing with other similar content for traffic so make sure you are writing click enticing headlines.

Your headline should clearly say what you offer so someone searching knows you are answering a need. Numbers lists always do well, as do those with a sense of urgency.

7. Offer a freebie

Offer a free download or some free content that will entice potential buyers to your website and increase your traffic.

If you are a personal trainer, it could be a free guide to getting started with some home exercises or a free webinar where they work out alongside you.

You can also use this freebie as a way to capture data so that you increase your email list which is great for generating recurring traffic (see my next point).

You want to start to build a relationship with your site visitor so that even if they are not ready to buy now, when they are ready, you are who they think of.

8. Generate recurring traffic

Creating a system that generates recurring traffic is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your website traffic. It also gives you more ownership of your traffic so that you are less reliant on social media sites or google (both of which could change their algorithm at any point).

A brilliant way to do this is to create an email list and share relevant content you have created with them (remember they need to have opted in to receive this).

Whilst it doesn’t increase your traffic, I’d also highly suggest linking to other relevant posts from your post to increase your website page views and dwell time.

9. Repurpose your content

Creating new content takes time and effort. It is often possible to repurpose your content by packaging it up in new ways and sharing it across different channels.

For instance, if I was sharing this article on Pinterest, I would create multiple pins for this same blog post with slightly different titles or images as different pins will attract different people. I might create the following pins as an example:

  • How to increase your website traffic for FREE
  • 10 ways to increase your website traffic today
  • Ultimate guide to increasing your traffic
  • Top 10 FREE ways to get more website traffic
  • Double or triple your website traffic with these tips

I can do the same across other channels where another social media channel or whether on email.

10. Create brilliant and helpful content

You’ve probably heard the phrase Content is King, and it is true! If you’ve got a great headline that attracts people to your website, but the content isn’t what they were expect, not helpful or full of spelling mistakes, they’ll leave pretty quickly, and what use is that to you? You want content that draws your user in, that helps them, that makes them stay on your website and read another post.

The better quality your content, the more likely it is to be shared and the more likely that person is to become a customer.

So that’s it! You 10 step guide to getting more traffic to your website, without it costing you the earth. Got questions or queries? Comment below and I’ll try my best to help.

Read my guide to getting started with Pinterest if you are looking for more website traffic.


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    July 30th, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    I know, it is great isn’t it!

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    Great tips .

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    Glad I could help 🙂

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    I guess seo and Pinterest are my favorite. Although I struggle with pinterest at first but now it is my major source of traffic.

  11. Eliza Josephone

    August 5th, 2019 at 9:07 am

    I agree, once you get the hang it is fantastic!

  12. Jaana McEntee

    July 30th, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I love using pinterest but I haven’t figured out the CEO just yet, seems very complicated 🙂 Thank you for such helpful post!

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    August 5th, 2019 at 9:07 am

    I think maybe you mean SEO? It takes a little getting used to but then is quite easy 🙂 My free masterclass talks more on it if helpful.

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    These are great tips, such a great and useful article for bloggers !

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    Glad you found it helpful 🙂

  16. Subhashish Roy

    July 31st, 2019 at 5:20 am

    I have been thinking of getting into Pinterest for some time now. After going through your post I think I will go ahead right away.

  17. Eliza Josephone

    August 5th, 2019 at 9:05 am

    Absolutely, it is such a good source of traffic. You can check out my free masterclass here to give you a little more help.

  18. Viano Dee

    August 1st, 2019 at 12:07 am

    These are really helpful tips. The thing is I still haven’t exactly figured out how to use Pinterest.

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    Definitely check out my free Pinterest masterclass if you are looking for a little help. https://elizajosephine.easywebinar.live/registration

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    Oh yes! Great tips! I try to use more of it lately and it does pay off. Pinterest is treasure for that

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    It certainly is, big Pinterest fan!

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    Thanks I am a mother and very busy! This helped me alot!

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