Why you should use Pinterest in your business

It’s no secret that I LOVE Pinterest. I loved it for many years using personally for interior ideas, recipes, tidying hacks, yoga routines and wedding outfits, but I’ve loved it even more since I discovered it is a brilliant FREE traffic source for my business. So here is my list of five reasons why I would suggest getting started on Pinterest as soon as possible.

1. Free traffic (and lots of it).

Pinterest is my biggest source of referral traffic – more so than any other social network. I know that I am not a special case and that this is the case for many other people too and I’ve seen the impact it has had for my clients.

Pinterest drives 33% more traffic than Facebook proportionally. It is one of the fastest growing platforms out there and has 250 million active monthly users.

2. It is a search engine

Pinterest is commonly called a social media platform, but it is also a visual search engine.

Think about it – how many of your friends do you follow on Pinterest? Is what you pin based on what they pin? When were you last ‘social’ on Pinterest?

You go on Pinterest because you are looking for inspiration or solution to something. You could be looking for a fitness work out, photography tips, recipe ideas, home inspiration, DIY hacks or outfit ideas. The possibilities are endless but they key thing to remember is, people are searching, just like they do on Google. This means you pin can show to someone who has searched for that exact thing and ultimately your website, you just need to do a bit of SEO to help you along the way (same as with Google).

Take a look at the search example below of a search on Pinterest and on Google images – it is a very similar experience.

Pinterest search engine

3. People are ready to buy

Pinterest has an affluent audience that are ready to buy from you.

  • 40% of active pinners have a household income of over $100k
  • 93% of active pinners say that they use Pinterest to plan for a purchase
  • 87% of active pinners say that they have bought something because of Pinterest

Do you know any other social networks that have stats as impressive as these?

4. Pins last a long time

The average time a tweet is seen for is 18 minutes last time I checked. An Instagram or Facebook post might show for a few hours or day in someone’s newsfeed, but Pinterest is different. A pin can last for months. This is because you aren’t seeing information in chronological order, you are seeing it based on what Pinterest thinks you will find interesting and based on what you search for. So, if a pin is correctly optimized, it can last months and months, making it brilliant for ever green content.

5. Get insights into trends and your audience

Pinterest can be used to find potential keywords your audience are searching for and also to see who you are reaching and who is engaging in your content.

To find suggested keywords, simply type a search term into the Pinterest bar and see what else it suggests.

Pinterest search bar
Pinterst keyword bar

Once you have upgraded to a business account (which is free, yay), you can also see insights on who you are reaching, who is saving your pins and what else they are interested in to help you build up a picture of your audience.

Are you ready to try Pinterest for your business? I genuinely couldn’t recommend it highly enough if you are looking to drive relevant and engaged traffic, and ultimately, increase your sales.  


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