How often and when should you post on Instagram?

This is a question that is asked all the time. How often to post and when is the best time to post. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this as it depends on your circumstances and audience, but here are some tips on figuring out what will work for you.

How often should you post on Instagram?

A recent study by Tailwind found the accounts that posted daily gained more likes and more followers than account that posted just 3 times a week.

However, there is no point posting every day, for the sake of posting every day, if you are going to be sharing substandard content. You would be better posting 3 awesome posts in a week that get great engagement and make your Instagram feed look inspiring, than 7 very average posts.

The real answer is, it depends on your content and your resource. If you have the time and images to post daily I would definately recommend this, but if not, what about posting 5 times a week during the week and then taking your weekends off?

Regardless of how often you are going to post, I would 100% recommend planning out your Instagram posts using a planning app such as Preview or Plann. It takes less time, makes it less stressful and helps you create a better-looking feed. If you are lacking in images to post, I’d also suggest batch creating images or considering some stock photos.

When is it best to post on the gram?

This will depend on when your following are online. There are times of day when people are more likely to be on Instagram for instance during a commute or lunch or later in the evening, so these can be a good time to post, but it varies depending on who and where your audience are. If your audience are based in a different country to you then their lunchtime will obviously be at a different time to yours.

I’d recommend getting a free business account on Instagram and looking at the insights section. Here you can see your top locations, so you know where you audience are, and you can also see the average time they are online each day. You can also see which of your posts are getting most engagement and look at when you created them.

One of the key factors that is often overlooked on when to post is to consider when are you FREE! I would always recommend spending 5 minutes before you post and 15 minutes after you have posted engaging with people on the platform. Reply to comments on your post, like or comment on potential followers’ walls and engage with those already following you. I would be very careful about doing follow / unfollow and you can see my thoughts on this here. Having an engaged post is likely to trump a specific time of day.

In summary, focus on quality, being consistent and engaging, and you can’t go far wrong!

If you are finding Instagram overwhelming, check out my tips on how to stay Instagram happy.


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